The School for Wholesale

How to start and scale wholesale successfully. 

You don’t know where to start, but you know you’ve got a great product….because everyone loves it!

Get all the steps it takes to see your products in your dream stores.
Hey there product maker, I see you working all day wondering when the next sale is coming in and not being able to create all the ideas you have swirling in your head. 

Have you dreamed of having your products in stores, but don’t know where to start?  Where do you find the phone number or email of a buyer, how do you get into a wholesale market, and where do you buy supplies? How many products do you have to make and how fast will the store need them? 

  I get it.

I was there a few years ago. I was chasing sales and trying to keep up with social media, my website, inventory, and marketing and not getting anywhere fast.

That’s when I knew I had to reach out to buyers for retail stores. I had buying experience, but not selling experience. I had no idea how to start, but I knew if I didn’t do it ASAP, I was leaving money on the table and I would regret it. I jumped in with both feet and learned a lot the hard way.  

I’ve created The School for Wholesale so you won’t have to make the same mistakes I made. I want to share the steps it takes to see your products in your dream stores.



If there were a clear, actionable way to sell your products WITHOUT constantly marketing and emailing, designing and creating, obsessive staying on-trend, or the anxiety of “will anyone even want to buy this?”...


… would you feel confident to show up in inboxes of buyers for local boutiques, major department stores, and those online boutiques that sell out in minutes?


You see: there is a market for your creative product.

I can hardly wait! Tell me more!
Wholesale Course
  • Make more money consistently and with less tedious work. 
  • Plan your entire year - from inventory to sales - knowing when buyers are most likely to buy
  • Create a diverse income that will give you more time to create. 
  • Find exactly the right buyers who know your ideal client. 
  • Be ahead of the market trends and planning more than weeks in advance.



In an ideal world, you are traveling and finding inspiration in unexpected places. You have time to photograph and touch the surfaces of landscapes and textiles that have your mind spinning on how to create a new product with that texture or those colors. You see quotes that remind you of a story from your childhood and it creates a desire for something new that will remind you of that time. 

Wholesale Course

 It’s not that you don’t do those things. You dream, you see, you imagine what could be if only you had the time, resources, and contacts to make these ideas happen. You make things and sell them to your mom’s friends, on Etsy where they get lost among a million more things that “you might like”, or at the local church to raise money for a new playground….


It’s easy to feel like we need to figure it out all on our own. That’s what I used to do, and it was the loneliest, most ineffective thing I’ve ever done…..

Wholesale Course

Why don’t we do this together?

I’m Lucy Farmer, and I created The School for Wholesale just for artists and creatives just like you

A few years ago, I was signing up for every craft fair in town and within a two-hour radius. Saying yes to every fundraiser that was hosting a show. I had a website, I had an Etsy shop, and I sold to my in-law's friends on Christmas Eve at family lunch…..I wasn’t turning down a sale, y’all! 

In October 2015, I came home from a show 3 hours away that was exhausting. To set up the most beautiful booth, I had to fill my SUV to the top, be there all alone, sell a ton, but turn around and get back home.  Driving home lI realized I could do this two or three times a year and my life would be a lot easier. After selling my products at the shows to other stores, I knew I could find other stores that might be interested.

I wanted to create a brand that was known nationwide. I had to go to market!

I came home, called the America's Mart in Atlanta, asked for a sales floor person, and signed a contract to show in January 2016. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. 

I was terrified walking in the mart as I had only been as a buyer and had no idea what I was doing. 


I want to hand over to you the exact steps I took that first market and the lessons I learned that took my business to 6-figures by selling wholesale at the first show and grew my business every year.
Put me on the waitlist... I can't wait to see my products in stores!
Wholesale Course


What’s inside The School for Wholesale, you ask?


How to Know if You Are Ready to Sell Wholesale

Do you have a product that can scale for wholesale? You’ll find the 3 things you need before calling any stores. We will also talk about how adding wholesale can triple your revenue!


Production Level and Sourcing

You will need to know how to source wholesale and how to determine production time and costs. Labor is always a big question, how do you pay yourself and your employees? We want to determine a schedule for new releases, in this module we will talk about the buyers timeline. What is a line sheet? Why do you need a catalog?


Pricing for Profit

In this lesson we will talk about industry standards for pricing and my personal way of pricing my products! You want to know how to mark up your items for profit margin and how to determine wholesale pricing and retail pricing.


Marketing Your Products

The marketing aspect of your own products can feel awkward at first. You will learn how to create content that your stores will be excited to share. We will learn email marketing geared toward wholesale buyers and customer management so you can maintain a relationship with the them.


Taking and Filling Orders

There is another language in the wholesale industry and you need these definitions before you can take orders from buyers. We will work on how buyers buy what they buy and how you can predict what sells. Shipping timelines and how to get paid are very important parts of selling wholesale. We will learn the best practices and how to entice buyers to buy based on when your products are ready.


Selling Your Products in the Marketplace

Let’s sell your products! Where to start and how to scale. There are several ways to get started and each type of wholesale selling is different. Find out the ways to approach each and how to make the most of them for your business.


  • You want to have consistent income
  • You want a timeline for producing products that will save time and money
  • You want to know how to present your products to buyers in the most effective way
  • You have creative ideas that will keep coming and keep those buyers buying!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, don’t worry! I would love for you to be following along with me throughout the weeks and coming to the live Q&A’s. But, I understand that somethings might get in the way. You will have access to the course for its lifetime and as I make changes, you will get access to those!

I can help you create products from your art that you can sell wholesale and we can talk about taking your collections to market and selling to stores for wholesale!

I am a lifelong learner and have taken several courses where I thought I already knew certain things. I love being reminded and listening to how others create systems because I never know when it might be an aha moment for me! I would love to have you.

Everyone has different learning styles and comfort zones. We will offer links and prompts in the private Facebook group that will keep you updated on everything that is happening and we will send out emails reminding you of what’s happening throughout the course!

I want you to know that if you feel like the product is good and you’ve seen something similar or feel like it fits a need and is going to sell, you are in the right place. We can start from scratch and make sure you have all of the information you need to get into the wholesale world!